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Oath of the Dragonlord

I CANNOT POSSESS YOU, for you belong to yourself.   I CANNOT COMMAND YOU, for you are a free creature.   WE SHALL SERVE EACH OTHER in the ways we both require.   WE WILL INCREASE OUR WEALTH by righteous means.   WE WILL ACHIEVE HAPPINESS and harmony through knowledge.   WE WILL AID THOSE OF OUR BLOOD to achieve their great destinies.   WE WILL AVENGE THOSE OF OUR BLOOD who have been done harm.   WE WILL RESTORE YOUR KIND who have been driven from this world.   I AM BLOOD OF YOUR BLOOD, and bone of your bone—forever.  
  • Oath of the Dragonlord
  • History

    The Oath of the Dragonlord is the sacred rite that bonds a mortal and a dragon together. Swearing this oath requires a mortal to cast the bond of the dragonlord spell. During the casting of the spell, the Dragonlord intones the oath. If a Dragonlord ever breaks the oath, the bond ends immediately. The oath must be intoned in the Draconic language, while a magical item is sacrificed. The speaker does not need to know Draconic; they may be coached by someone who does.


    While the Oath is being spoken, the energy from the magic item is drained and used to bind the Dragonlord to a newly-hatched wyrmling. The magic item becomes non-magical and loses its properties. The Dragonlord must speak the following words and faithfully obey the rules of the oath. At the end of the oath, the Dragonlord considers all metallic dragons to be of his or her bloodline. The speaker of the oath becomes the dragon's “oathsworn".

    Components and tools

    A magic item of sufficient value or meaning.


    Caster, Oath Speaker, Dragon.


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