Dragonkind is a broad category of creatures who share a loosely related culture. Dragonkind includes the full range of dragon species and more loosely includes both the Lizardfolk and Kobolds.   Dragonkind on Zihæt severed their ties with the old Dragon Gods. The elder dragons, ancient dragons, and wyrms of Dragonkind on Zihæt likely worshiped these gods or served them directly before coming to this world. However, adult dragons and younger have not had direct exposure. The elder dragons agreed upon reaching Zihæt to disavow the old animosities associated with the Dragon Gods' conflicts and start fresh on this new, abundant world.


Major language groups and dialects

Drákonic is the primary language. The Dragons taught this language to the younger races who accompanied them. It has become the default language in the Dragonshome Islands.

Shared customary codes and values

The Hoard. Amongst all Dragonkind, the single greatest motivator is the collection and creation of a hoard. It is their pride and joy and a source of comfort. Differing species approach building a hoard differently, but all Dragonkind seek their own.

Coming of Age Rites

Wyrmlings will spend many years traveling outside of their family's territories.   Young dragons will leave their parents and seek out a lair of their own.

Funerary and Memorial customs

A dragon arranges for the disposition of its hoard before his death.

Common Taboos

Divine Taboo. The sacrifice of the gods of Zihæt truly moved the Dragonkind. The Dragonkind witnessed these bitter enemies came together to form the great seal at the cost of their existence. The great seal created a new opportunity for Dragonkind to start fresh. The elders have agreed that after coming to Zihæt, they will not speak the old Dragon Gods' names. Neither will they pass their traditions or old hatreds on to their offspring. The chromatic dragons saw the opportunity for freedom, while the metallic dragons looked to a time of peace. They all agree that this change won't happen overnight, and they won't ever put aside all their differences. However, the elder dragons all share a hope for the day where instinct and impulse no longer control them.

Historical figures

Chryseis and Vyssiní were the most senior of the metallic dragons to come to Zihæt. Both hold a place of influence on the Council of the Elders. They and their people have agreed to avoid conflict with each other.

Major organizations

Council of the Elders. The loose association of the oldest dragons on Zihæt. The Council exists only to enforce the Divine Taboo and help defuse the ancient animosities before they re-appear in this world. Even within the Council, there is strife. However, this group mostly believes there is enough room for all of them on Zihæt.


Author's Notes

This article is a work in progress. It will be expanded over time as the dragons of Zihæt are explored.

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