Dragonshome Islands

The Dragonshome islands are a large archipelago that runs north to south in the Middle Sea. A treacherous set of sea passages separates the islands from the lands of Rus and Norjard to the north.   The islands are home to a confederation of independent, allied city states known as the Drákon League.  


The northern islands (Vóreio nisí) are covered in steep mountains which get a large amount of snowfall during the winter months, giving ways to lush green mountainsides and valleys in the summer. Íliopólis can be found on the largest northern island, and Froúrio can be found on a smaller island just to the south of Vóreio nisí.  
  The central island (Megálo nisí) is home to the capital city of the Drákon League, Astériapólis. The largest by landmass, the island is split by rough mountains covered with ancient boreal forests.  
The southern island (Nótio nisí) and the surrounding smaller islands are humid and subtropical. The islands support dense tropical rain-forest like cover, with the rainy season coming in spring. The southern island is home to a number of small cities and towns, the largest of which is Fengáripólis.  

Fauna & Flora

The northernmost islands are covered in boreal forests and pasture lands. The forests are full of deciduous trees and conifers. The summers provide ample growing seasons for fruits, vegetables and grain such as wheat . The valleys are well suited for pasture and dairy production. Year round, seafood provides a significant staple of the local diet.   The central island is covered primarily in temperate forests. Maple, plum, and cherry provide for spectacular color during changes in season. Large areas of land have been cleared for terraced farming, with a reasonable growing season allowing the cultivation of fruit, grains (including rice), and vegetables. Fish and seafood remain staples. On the southern portions of the central island, fruit bearing olive and a wide variety of citrus trees are common.   The southern islands are a generally covered with palm and other forms of subtropical rain forest vegetation. A variety of reptilian life is common, and the islands support an incredible variety of sea life.

Natural Resources

The northern and central islands have significant deposits of copper, tin and iron ore and zinc. Smaller reserves of silver and gold can be found on the northern island.   The southern islands have large deposits of marble and other workable stone.   The far southern island, an active volcano chain, is one of the only sources of the crystals that can be cut and refined into Moon gems.   All islands have a wide variety of fish and other edible forms of sea creatures.


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