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Adventuring in Zihæt

The Akadimía setting is designed for epic roleplaying adventures. The setting is an expansion on the Dungeons & Dragons 5e SRD rules, with a series of alternative rules and additional material to support a particular style of play. The Unwilling Students are the first group of roleplayers operating (and play-testing) within the setting. This campaign runs weekly, and the session logs can be found in the Zihæt Anthology.
The Player's Guide is intended for both Players and Gamemasters. The guide outlines where and how characters start in the Akadimía setting. It then offers a process for creating, detailing, and using your character in the Akadimía setting.   This section covers many of the unique options and constraints that tie characters to the campaign setting, and provide a more cohesive launch of adventuring parties.
Akadimía Orientation
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The following sections contain Gamemaster specific information for the Akadimía setting. Access to this information requires a World Anvil login, and opt-in to.  
The Gamemaster's guide is intended for those interested in running a campaign in the Akadimía setting. This section outlines the mechanics that a potential GM should be aware of.   Over time, this section will also add tips and tricks for starting, running and evolving Akadimía based campaigns.
Gamemaster's Guide
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Adventures contains pre-built scenes, encounters and other Gamemaster material for the Akadimía setting. This information contains significant spoilers for players intending to play in the campaign. Please consult your GM before reading through this section.
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