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Akadimía Orientation

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This article outlines where and how your characters start at the Akadimía. It then offers a process for creating, detailing, and using your character in the Akadimía setting.


Where am I?

You have arrived at the island stronghold of Froúrio.  

Who am I?

Everyone's circumstances are different. Your master may have transferred your slave title to the confederation. You might be held as a ward of the state to fend off an empires bad behavior. You could be a noble from a strange land fleeing your own circumstances. Regardless, you've been identified as an asset of the state, and have been enlisted in the prestigious Drácos Akadimía, whether you like it or not.  

Why am I here?

You aren't exactly sure how you were selected, but what's clear now is that you are no longer in control of your own destiny. Whether threat of shame, being disowned or at the worst, slavery, all have some reason that failure is not an option. You are expected to pursue your coursework with honor and dignity befitting a candidate. And while this is an honor and for most a significant improvement in lifestyle, not all is what it seems.  

What do I do next?

The first thing you should do is get a sense of how to create your Akadimía character.

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