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The largest and dominant city state on the central island of Megálo nisí. The de facto capitol of the Drákon League.   Located on the western coast of the island, the city is surrounded by 3 sets of walls that wrap the city from the sea on the north to the sea on the south. 4 Gates are set in the outer walls for entrance via land routes. Most of the older citizen families live within the inner walls, with the merchants and others of the freemen class living in the outer two walls.   The small river running down from the mountains is diverted into a series of magically engineered aquaducts that compliment the fresh springs within the city as the primary water supply and sanitation methods.


The city-state is nominally a Democracy, but has strong oligarchic behaviours. The five great families dominate the Assembly through a combination of strong familial ties, business relationships and other less altruistic influences.

Guilds and Factions


  • Agora (partial)


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