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Meletitís Family

One of the oldest and most revered families in Astériapólis, elements of the family are also found in @ili. The famiy has significant land holdings and mineral rights across all of the Dragonshome Islands. They have been known to have investment collaborations with the Angelos Family.   The Meletitís family have always been known as artisans and craftsmen. Seekers of knowledge, sponsors of the arts, and a voice of reason in the Assembly of Astériapólis.   The family has long been the leaders in the arts, with the bulk of their assets tied up in creation and trade. They sponsor a wide variety of artists from metal workers and sculptors, to weavers and painters, to drama and even philosophy.


The family is traditionally led by a married couple (often the eldest of the current "active" generation). The leadership of the house is transferred in a planned orderly manner, but often in a form of primogeniture (irrelevant of whether the eldest child is male or female).  

Household staff

The household is supported by the following household staff.  
Household RoleServant NameFunction
ChamberlainCrethonResponsible for every aspect of management for the family and its affairs, communicating with lawyers, architects, suppliers, tenants, and other family members.
TreasurerAbreasResponsible for the management of the finances.
PhysicianCyreneResponsible for the health and wellbeing of the family.
ChefArsamesResponsible for the kitchen.
ValetPatroclus (acting)The companion of the master of the house and saw to every personal need. The valet helped dress and style his master, accompany him, liaise with the other servants, and attend to the private domestic arrangements of his employer.
FootmanEuripidesResponsible for light labor and misc tasks. Including laying the table, answering the door, waiting at table and accompanying family when travelling on foot and by vehicle.
GardnerAbasSpecializes in knowledge of exotic plants and produce. Responsible for the grounds and the produce garden.
HousekeeperHaideeThe head of the female staff. Expert in balancing her managerial duties with the skills to influence the social interaction of a large household
Lady's MaidPelopia (acting)Companion of the mistress of the house and saw to every personal need. Helped dress and style her master, accompany her, liaise with the other servants, and attend to the private domestic arrangements of her employer. Often slept with or near the lady.
Governess & TutorSophiaa person who provides assistance or tutelage to one or more people on certain subject areas or skills. The tutor spends a few hours on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to transfer their expertise on the topic or skill to the student.
NurseAugeResponsible for the care and upbringing of the young household children.
Cook MaidThelmae Oversees everything in the kitchen department from cleanliness and efficiency to food preparation as well as answering to the demands of the dining table on a daily basis.
Scullery maidIsadora "Isa"Support cook maids with fetching and carrying, scrubbing, washing and scouring pots, pans and the kitchen generally.
SeamstressRoxaneResponsible for the purchase, creation and mending of the family clothing.
Laundry MaidErisIt was not uncommon for many houses to employ outside help in the form of a washerwoman and her family, day staff, or a laundry man who also outsourced the work (the latter was more common in later years), but the skilled laundry maid was a blessing if she excelled in the practicalities of steaming, pressing and goffering.

Public Agenda

Phlios Meletitís has pushed for a series of reforms, often a direct counter to those being presented by Temenos Megalos, another leading oligarch within the city-state.   A brief overview of these included:

Oppose citzenship eligibility restrictions

Reject revisions to the citizenship laws that would reduce the eligibility for citizenship to just those who can demonstrate both family members are themselves citizens, and strip those who cannot equip themselves to serve in as a hoplite or officer of the navy of their citizenship.  

Impose new Slavery limitations

  1. Limiting the ownership of Slaves to three per citizen within a household.
  2. Abolishing debt slaves, or the enslaving of Drákonian Citizen, Resident or their offspring to pay off debts. Enacting a one time forgiveness of debts for wage slaves.
  3. Limits of sale of the children of household slaves to other households, and allowing parents to be able to purchase children's releases for a fixed amount set by the state.

Opposition to militarized slaves

Reject the proposal to build a fighting force of slaves, controlled by the Polemarch, and a police force controlled by the Strategos. Philios believed that it was the investment of the citizens in the defense of the city that kept them both engaged and accountable for city decisions.


Author's Notes

This family name is actually a regular greek noun (μελετητής) which machine translation renders as "Scholar". I haven't been able to determine the genitive forms or feminine forms.

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