Resident Status

A resident (also known as a Freeman or Freewoman) is a free resident within the Drákon League without the benefits of citizenship. This can include individuals who have migrated to a city-state from another country, the child of a resident, or the children of citizens who have not yet completed their trials and ceremony of citizenship.   Freeman have full rights of movement and participation in day-to-day and commercial activities. A wide swath of the merchant class are residents, but not citizens. As residents, individuals must pay rents and taxes appropriate to their activities.   Residents may not own property, including both land and slaves. Residents may not hold public office, vote in assembly or participate on juries. Residents found guilty of significant misdemeanors can be treated harshly by the justice system, and residents found guilty of felonies can be sold into slavery as recompense for their crimes.   Residents can become citizens through significant service to the Drákon League. See Citizen.


  • A guest or visitor to the city-state
  • The son or daughter of a resident
  • The son or daughter of a citizen before completing their trials and test
  • A freed slave
  • Have not been found guilty of any felonies


  1. Participate in military service as a levy during times of war


  1. Follow laws
  2. Pay taxes
Civic, Citizenship
Alternative Naming
Freeman, Freewoman
Length of Term
Reports directly to
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