Aerasópoulos Family

The Aerasópoulos are the most widespread and liberal of the tribes. Primarily based in Astériapólis, smaller branches of the family are prominent citizens of Ilioúpolis and Fengáriopolis   The family also licenses exclusive rights for several unique artifacts and bloodlines of herd animals to the other families.


The family is structured much like a merchant empire. The heads of each city-states families sit on a council that mediates intrafamily disputes, and ensures the (reasonably) far distribution of land, trade contracts, and other forms of wealth.

Foreign Relations

They are often called upon as the back-channel diplomats with the various nations and empires of Zihæt.   Domestically, they maintain positive to neutral relationships with all of the families of the Drákon League but one, playing all sides in the various games of Assembly. They compete fiercely with the Angelos Family in areas of overlapping interest.   There have been several instances where family members have pushed the law a bit too far in pursuit of profit or securing a lucrative trade route.

Trade & Transport

They are viewed largely as merchants, with wide flung trade empires across land and sea.


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