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Holy Empire of Humanité

In truth a hereditary kingdom, the "Empire" is a unified nation of humans. Demi-humans are scorned and non-humans are clearly "them" and often demagogues refer to them as savages, fiends. Discrimination and racial hatred are deeply held from childhood.   A formidable land power, it dominates the diverse eastern portions of the northern continent. Unfortunately it has failed on several occasions to develop into a sea power, largely due to the lack of weather magic support.   The two powers that support the Empire are the hereditary Emperor and the Pope.   The formal priesthood is largely a theological organisation based around a single religion worshiping "Dieu". The deity is not named, but referred to simply as "Dieu" or the "Lord of light." and is the source of all supernatural gifts. As a monotheistic religion, the priesthood preaches charity to one's own, conformity with Dieu's laws, and (forcible if necessary) conversion of non-believers. Traditional magic as practiced by other religions and older races is heretical or black magic.   The distinguishing feature of the Empire's structure is the knighthood, the Knights of Humanité. The knights are a well organised series of Paladins in the service of both Dieu and Country.   The southern parts of the empire are often in rebellion, and due to climate are a poor match for the traditionally heavily armored northern knights.

Public Agenda

Improvement and education of humans across the realm. Fealty to the one true god, Dieu Spread of his word to non-believers across Zihaet

Demography and Population

The population of the Empire is nearly uniformly Human. There is an almost xenophobic bias against any other races, particularly those native to Zihæt before the coming of the Younger Races.   The population of the empire is well over a million people, spread across the wide swaths of Burgandy and Avignon.


The Empire spans the entire length of the northern continent from the north to south. It ranges from the alpine regions of Burgandy in the west to the mediteranean climates of Avignon in the east.


The Empire maintains a standing military through the noble houses. Each noble house in turn is supported by its vassal estates. The system allows any lord to rally the forces of his vassals in return for a portion of the spoils of victory.   In addition, the Emperor Charles I controls the Knights of Humanité, an elite group of paladins devoted to the removal of heresy and defense of the faith. While they swear an oath to the crown of the empire, in practice they take direction from the L'église universelle as well.


The Empire is dominated by a dominant monotheistic religion, led by the L'église universelle. The worship of Dieu is mandatory, and significant penalties await those who are either practitioners of other religions, or athiestic.

Foreign Relations

The Empire engages in almost non-stop skirmishes with the Rus on the western border. These are almost always motivated by conflicts over grazing rights, or poaching activity by the nomadic tribes.   The primary named enemy of the Empire is the Drákon League. The Empire considers the League to be a heretical confederation of monsterous beings, and along with the church preaches a fear and loathing of anything to do with the Island nation.

Agriculture & Industry

The primary economy of the Empire is agriculture and herding of domesticated animals. As the only source of horses and cattle on Zihæt, they have a strong export production of meat and other animal products.   Various oils and cooking coals are harvested or mined and serve as both a heating fuel over long winters, as well as an export.   The primary metal reserves in the Empire are extremely poor quality banded iron foundations in the northeast of Burgandy, and low yield copper and tin deposits in the eastern regions of the empire. Mining cannot cover domestic demand, requiring import or rationing. Availability of precious metals such as silver and gold is negligable.

Trade & Transport

Transport across the wide empire is on a series of moderate to poorly maintained roadways. Travel along these roadways is usually by horseback, or by wagon. Wagons may be horse drawn or oxen drawn.   The noble elite and the Knights also have access to Griffins, flying mounts that can travel to all ends of the empire.


Education is the domain of the nobility, and primarily the male nobility. The certification of tutors and literature are controlled by the L'église universelle. Recent reforms have attempted to broaden this, but have been rejected by the Church.


Access to trained medical professionals is very limited. Nobility will maintain a physick and potentially one or more midwives. Deaths and serious injury due to minor injuries untreated or mistreated are common across the empire.
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy
The primary currency of the empire is the copper penny.
Major Exports
The primary exports of the empire are meat and animal products such as cheese and milk. Cold water and freshwater seafood are also primary export products. They are also the producers of the best wines and spirits in all of Zihæt.   In some cases, live animals may be exported such as Oxen or Cattle, but this trade only exists with the Rus The Rus in turn have been known to traffic in these goods to other states that are barred from trade with the Empire, such as the Drákon League.
Major Imports
The primary import of the Empire is raw ore. The best quality sources of mineral wealth are in the soaring Jotunheimen Range or the geologically active Dragonshome Islands. These two areas are however controlled by rival nations.   While banned by the Emperor Charles I, nobles often import citris fruit, breadfruit, olives and soybean products from the island of Vóreio nisí.
Official State Religion
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations

  • 3711

    Exile of the Voulgaropoulos Tribe
    Population Migration / Travel

    The Voulgaropoulos Tribe was exiled from the Dragonshome Islands after refusing to join the newly formed city-state of Íliopólis, and several raids sacking the city for bounty and female Slaves.   This event is disputed by the Holy Empire of Humanité.

    Additional timelines
  • 4000

    The birth of the pophet
    Life, Birth

    The birth of the prophet of Dieu.

  • 4070

    Founding of the L'église universelle

  • 4200

    Founding of the Holy Empire of Humanité

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