The Human Tongue

The human toungue is the official language of the Holy Empire of Humanité.   When the Voulgaropoulos Tribes were exiled from the Dragonshome Islands, the tribes sought to form a new unified identity and discard many of their ties to the tribes. Never comfortable speakers of the Drákonic language, they instead adopted a variant of some of the residents native or resident in their new lands. Their language Primordial, became the foundation for the grammar and vocabulary of the new "Human" language that became known as the Human Toungue.   The shamans and priestly class of the exiled tribes worked diligently to adapt the prior Drákonic Script to the new language, and developed the Human Script as a replacement.   Given the relatively low education levels across the previously nomadic tribes, adopting this new language and script occured rather quickly, relative to traditional language evolution.   While the Human Toungue has been adopted the various peoples of Humanité, it is by no means an exclusive or universal toungue to all Humans. Those in borders with other regions commonly speak multiple toungues, and those born and raised amongst other cultures commonly speak primarily that regional language instead.
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Author's Notes

The language is a derivative of Latin, with Germanic influences. As a result, much of the vocabulary and current usage is based in medieval French. Feel free to use old french or modern french terms and vocabulary to flavor the language and its peoples.   I admit this might be a satirical nod to James Joyce's The Cat and the Devil, "...but when he is very angry he can speak quite bad French very well..."

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