Younger Races

The younger races refers to a grouping of short-lived mortal races that found their way to Zihæt during the The Great War.   This grouping includes humanoids such as:   While the younger races is generally referring to the humanoids in the group, other short lived species also accompanied the younger races in their relocation to Zihæt. The group includes a number of animal races such as horses, various rodents, birds, boars, goats, cattle, deer, dolphins, as well as canines and felines large and small. Also included are non-humanoid "monsterous" races such as Chimera, Griffins, Harpies, Hydra, Manticore, Pegasi, and Unicorns.   Several conditions also accompanied the younger races to Zihæt. These include lycanthropy and various forms of undeath such as vampirism.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

The younger races breed significantly faster than the races native to Zihæt. It has been estimated that in the time since the younger races came to Zihæt and interbreeding began, nearly 95% of the native genome has been eliminated. Only in areas isolated or where interbreeding did not occur has the native genome been preserved. Note that this accounts for the relatively low prevalence of bloodline magic amongst the general populations of the nations of Zihæt.

Growth Rate & Stages

The average lifespan of the younger races is significantly lower than those native to Zihæt. The Younger Races live on average from 60-80 years, while the animal and non-humanoid forms can live far briefer lifespans.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Much of the dietary needs of the younger races was satisfied by bringing their crops and domesticated animals with them during the relocation. These crops are now grown instead of, or side-by-side with native crops. Those with mixed-genomes can eat either imported or native crops and wildlife.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The younger races generally do not have access to bloodline magic unless they have been interbred with an existing species. Exceptions exist, particularly amongst the non-humanoidswhich can exhibit magic-like properties.
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Author's Notes

The younger races and their other non-humanoid counterpart represent the seeding of Zihæt along with other long lived races such as Nymphs, Dragons, Elementals and long-lived humanoids such as Triton, Elves, and Giants.   For more ideas, consider the Mythical Creatures of Greece.

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