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Greater Wight

The origin of the phrase from the Elder Toungue implies a person of a specified kind. However, as it is used on Zihæt today, it means a particular kind of undead raised directly by Dieu or one of his most powerful minions.   Greater wights possess the memories and drives of their formerly living selves. They will heed the call Dieu, though they may not recognize why or who it is they follow. Rather they have been corrupted by his lies. As undead they maintain their autonomy, but seek to bring justice to those that have wronged him and his peoples.   Never tiring, a wight can pursue its goals relentlessly and without distraction. They maintain access to all of their previous knowledge, skills and capabilities in their new form. Unfortunately that knowledge is now seen through the filter of misinformation and lies.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

Neither dead nor alive, a wight exists in a transitional state between one world and the next. The bright spark it possessed in life is gone, and in its place is a yearning to consume that spark in all living things. When a wight attacks, this life essence glows like white-hot embers to its dark eyes, and the wight’s cold touch can drain the spark through flesh, clothing, and armor.

Genetics and Reproduction

Humanoids slain by a wight can rise as zombies under its control. Motivated by hunger for living souls and driven by the same desire for power that awakened them in undeath, some wights serve as shock troops for evil leaders, including wraiths. As soldiers, they are able to plan but seldom do so, relying on their hunger for destruction to overwhelm any creature that stands before them.   Creation of a true greater wight can only be through the Miracles of Dieu known only to him and his strongest minions.

Ecology and Habitats

Wights flee from the world by day, away from the light of the sun, which they hate. They retreat to sealed buildings and underground lairs where they dwell. Their lairs are silent, desolate places, surrounded by dead plants, noticeably blackened, and avoided by bird and beast.

Dietary Needs and Habits

A wight doesn’t require air, food, drink, or sleep. Rather they draw sustinance from the destruction of the life around them, particularly living humanoids.

Additional Information

Social Structure

The greater wights all know of each other and can recognize each other on sight. They tend to respect each others domain and will not interfere. From their perspective they are on the same "great team" working to rid the world of the evils they believe caused the worlds problems, and by extension, their current misfortune.

Facial characteristics

When a wight attacks, this life essence glows like white-hot embers to its dark eyes, and the wight’s cold touch can drain the spark through flesh, clothing, and armor.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The only known wights in existance are on the island of Froúrio nisí, though we expect others exist on the Northern Continent as well.

Average Intelligence

Wights maintain the intelligence that they had in life. However they have become much less tolerant and easily provoked by the lies and wrongs they have been fed.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

Wights can control and make use of Zombies as guards, servants and other low complexity labor.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

As in life.

Common Taboos

Speaking evil of Dieu or his servants.

Historical Figures

The most significant greater wights to date are the Lead Instructors killed and raised during the Fall of Froúrio in 4706. These include Nausicaa Megalos, Hermon Chronis, Circe Pétropoulos, Hippokratides Angelos, and Eucleides Sideris.

Common Myths and Legends

In they mythology the The Northern Peoples, the wight and greater wight are known as Draugr. These reanimated corpse guard the treasures they were buried with. They usually came to existence when a mean or unpleasant person was not buried in the proper way.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Wights maintain a tolerant view of the living, viewing them as food.
Scientific Name
Average Height
As in life.
Average Weight
As in life.
Average Length
As in life.
Average Physique
As in life.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
No significant change occurs to greater wight's appearance. Rather their skin becomes cold to the touch and their eyes lose the ability to reflect light.
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities


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