Miracles of Dieu

The Miracles of Dieu are granted to the most accomplished and devout of the faithful. The power of these miracles are granted directly from Dieu and can be revoked if you gain his displeasure.  


The miracles of Dieu are largely beloved by the peoples of the Empire. For any other practitioner of magic -- particularly Nature Magic or Northern Magic, or Bloodline magic -- receiving these forms of "miracles" can make one's skin crawl. They are often referred to as "icky" by other magicians who receive the miracle.
Access & Availability
There are three primary paths to gaining access to the Miracles of Dieu. These are granted by Dieu alone. They are bestowed at a ceremony led by the Pope who requests Dieu grant the power in exchange for an oath of service to the faithful, the church, or the emperor.  


The seniormost members of the Clergy are granted the powers of the miracle on behalf of Dieu when they reach the rank of Cardinal or Bishop. In addition, special offices of the church, such as the Inquisiteurs are also granted the power of miracle.  

Knights of Humanité

All Knights of Humanité are granted the power of miracle. The power is granted upon the Knight taking his oath and being formally accepted into the Knighthood, to be used in their service to the church and the empire.  

The Emperor's Chosen

The final path to gaining access is to be designated as a chosen of the Emperor. This rank or title is often given to high nobility.
The Miracles of Dieu are amongst the least complex forms of magic on Zihæt. They rely on the symbol or device blessed by Dieu through the pope at the ceremony. Only the combination of a person so blessed and the holy symbol are capable of using the miracles.
The discovery of the miracles of Dieu corresponded with the teachings of the prophet in roughly 4000.


Author's Notes

The inspiration for this magic is the "dark magic" or human magic of The Dragon Prince television series. This turned out to be perfect for several of the themes and ethical issues we're exploring as part of the campaign, and is a perfect thematic element.   This is the category of magic thought of as eldritch or necromatic magic in fantasy RPGs such as D&D 5e. The mechanics for this are purely based on the Warlock or Paladin class. It's worth noting that any of the paladin magics are treated as necromatic regardless of their true type for the purposes of this campaign.

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