Natural Magic

Often also referred to as northern magic or natural magic. Like Bloodline magic, natural magic requires an ancestry with a connection to Zihæt. In the The Northern Peoples, this often comes in the form of a lineage with Giant, Goliath, Goblinoid and Lizardfolk blood. On the Dragonshome Islands, this type of magic is most often practiced by Nymph Scions.   Unlike bloodline magic, natural magic uses the natural world as the conduit for effects. Elements in the natural world may include plants, animals, soil, wind or even fire and lightning.   Regardless of lineage, natural magic is frequently practiced by Shaman and Hunters in the north, or by Farmers, Herders and Sailors in the islands.



The strength and amount of magic used by a practitioner of natural magic depends on their training, experience and innate capabilities. New practitioners are often limited to a small number of effects they can produce, with the most powerful being limited to perhaps once per day.   As the practitioners grow in experience and strength, they will be able to improve the capability of the spells they can use on command, utilise more of the powerful effects within a single day, and gain access to a wider variety of powerful effects.  


The affinity with the magic of nature leads to a wide variety of capabilities. From the ability of disguise, to magics of divination and guidance; from the ability to mold the elements to the ability to the ability to assume the forms of other animals; from the ability to cause the earth to shake to calling down lightning. The capabilities are often limited only by the strength and experience of the weilder.   The one capability it does not show is the power over death. That skill remains lost.
Access & Availability
The access to natural magic depends on ones lineage, similar to bloodline magic. And the safe practitioner requires access to a reasonable mentor or training.
The Younger Races discovered the connection of many of the native population with the natural elements of Zihæt early after arriving. Where a member of the younger races intermarried and had offspring with a member of the native population these offspring often exhibited the same capabilities. Over time, this power diffused into the Drákonian and Northern Peoples.   Over recent centuries, the number of people showing the capability of wielding such magic within the Younger Races has been dropping, now perhaps 5% of the total population. There is suspicion that the diluting of the native ancestry amongst these tribes is responsible for the relative rarity of the capability.


Author's Notes

This is the category of magic thought of as druidic magic (or nature domains) in fantasy RPGs such as D&D 5e.

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