Bloodline magic

Found within the Dragonshome Islands bloodline magic is a source of pride for the great families of the Drákon League.   WIth bloodline magic comes the ability to manipulate magical power directly, using your body as a conduit. Over the centuries, the tribes have learned to use a variety of catalysts and controls to produce awe-inspiring effects. These include words, music, moon-gems, and a variety of other substances. The catalyst and means of control often dictates the types of magical effects that can be produced.



The strength and amount of magic used by a practitioner of bloodline magic depends on their training, experience and innate capabilities. New practitioners are often limited to a small number of effects they can produce, with the most powerful being limited to perhaps once per day.   As the practitioners grow in experience and strength, they will be able to improve the capability of the spells they can use on command, utilise more of the powerful effects within a single day, and gain access to a wider variety of powerful effects.  


Weilders of bloodline magic can produce an impressive variety of effects. From imbuing objects with magical properties, to improved sensory skills, from elemental and force based attack spells with immense destructive power to defensive and healing magics -- bloodline magic can do nearly anything. The capabilities are often limited only by the strength and experience of the weilder.   The one capability it does not show is the power over death. That skill remains lost.
Access & Availability
The talents tend to show themselves with no warning amongst those with the talent. As a result, training is given to any who are suspected of harboring the talent. For those whose talents never show, other forms of training are provided.   Descendents of these bloodlines are known as Dragon Scions, Nymph Scions or Elemental Scions are known to show the ability to use bloodline magic. Other native races, such as the sea born Tritons and the Marais Wetlands Tabaxi and even Kobolds are also known to harbor such talents.   In the event that the talent shows itself spontaneously in a line that had not recently produced a talented scion, training is mandatory for the protection of the talent and those surrounding him or her.   In recent years, as the capabilities have become rarer, families have been known to be very selective with their heirs. Families often rely on arranged marriages or marriages only between practitioners in order to boost and preserve these talents.
This is amongst the most complex of the magics known on Zihæt. While the ability to harness the magic of Zihæt appears to be inborn, the ability to control it is not. Given the wide range of destructive powers that are available to these talents, training is essential.
The Younger Races discovered the ability of many of the native populations and the powerful allies from The Great War to manipulate great magics. Where a member of the younger races intermarried and had offspring with a member of the native population these offspring often exhibited the same capabilities. Over time, this power diffused into the Drákonian people. The presence of this capability remained limited if non-existant in The Northern Peoples.   While the magic does not manifest itself to all within the bloodline, no one outside of the bloodline has ever shown the ability to harness these powers.   Over recent centuries, the number of people showing the capability of wielding such magic within the Younger Races has been dropping, now perhaps 5% of the total population. There is suspicion that the diluting of the native ancestry amongst these tribes is responsible for the relative rarity of the capability.


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