Akadimía Season 1, Not All Is As It Seems

Season 1 of Akadimia

A group of misfit students at a classical era magic academy must overcome their prejudices to save a family, and their home.  

Paragraph Summary

Refugees and outcasts from many nations are enrolled in a prestigeous academy. The group must first overcome their different upbringings, beliefs and biases. Working together, they must save a family under seige. Finally, the group exposes a threat from the island that must be met. They confront the instigator and uncover the secret of the younger races and ancient beasts. The group returns as citizens to rebuild the academy and find their place in a rapidly changing league of democratic city-states  

3-5 Page Summary



Chapter 14 - Froúrio in Flames


Chapter 15 -Revolt


Chapter 16 - Dead Rise


Chapter 17 - Camp / Help Arrives


Chapter 18 - Clearing the City / Exploring the School


Chapter - Dorothea's Office / Exposition


Chapter - The Prophecy


Chapter - Preparations, Dowry


Chapter - Expedition - The Shrine


Chapter - Descent


Chapter - Soverigen


Chapter - Kobolds


Chapter - Asimi


Chapter - Ianessa


Chapter - Saarl, Spiders


Chapter - Alchemist / Roper


Chapter - Lizardfolk


Chapter - Binyip


Chapter - The River


Chapter - Ambush

Falling Action

Chapter - Village


Chapter - Welcome


Chapter - Tea


Chapter - Morningstar


Chapter - Bad Magic


Chapter - Promises of Help





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