The Xifia, or swordfish, is an older penteconter in the service of the Akademía from Froúrio.   A penteconter is galley in use since the archaic period. The penteconters emerged in an era when there was no distinction between merchant and war ships. They were versatile, long-range ships used for sea trade, piracy and warfare, capable of transporting freight or troops.   The penteconter was rowed by fifty oarsmen, arranged in a row of twenty-five on each side of the ship. A midship mast with sail could also propel the ship under favourable wind. The Xifia is a long and sharp-keeled ship, but unlike older ships sports a full deck.   The ship is approximately 60 ft long, approximately 15 ft wide, and capable of reaching a top speed of 9 knots (17 km/h; 10 mph).    
Template for Penteconters such as Xifia


50 rowers

Weapons & Armament

1 ram
Owning Organization
70 ft
60 ft
10 mph
Complement / Crew
50 rowers plus officers
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
50 max


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