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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
an ethnicity surviving in an inhospitable region
A total of 470 entries

Ashwesh, or the desert folk of Askariah

Ilagiit People of the Frozen Wastes

The Vanaran, the Shades of the Sands

Inuit tribes from Terrearth living on Titan - Prompt #13 an ethnicity surviving in an inhospitable region

The Kingdom of Scotland and the Scots

Taless'variodel aka The Cold Survivors

The Grippli of the Southern Gnarls

The aberrations of the Eleventh World

Basalt Divers of the Teneran Deep

Space Truckers -- Ex Terra, et nunc inter astra*

East Colassian mountain goblins

The Paupers of Çarimbal

The Goliath City of Do'Toh

Umoyaleyn of the Moiyeli Swamplands

Forscher der verfluchten Küste

The Desert Sirens: A Mysterious People of Song - By Koraki S. Kanosis