Akadimia - A fantasy role playing setting by Jeff Vance


This world seems familiar, but the fantastic abounds. Twin suns rise and fall each day, and three large moons circle this world of Zihæt. Immense killer storms lash the sea. At night, the bright aurora threads between the moons. Magic powers fantastic effects and mythical beasts.   Join the students of the Akadimía as they learn... and save the world.
There are worse things in the world than school.
Introduction to Akadimía
Generic article | Jan 8, 2021

An introduction to the world of Zihæt as it is recorded by the Order of Akadimía.

For those new to Akadimía and Zihæt, start with Introduction to the Akadimía. This describes the world of Zihæt, its key themes, and it's historical and cultural references.   With this understanding, you can then explore the world of Zihæt in the Codex Zihæt. If you are interested in the adventures of the mighty heroes of Zihæt, take a pass through the Zihæt Anthology.   And if you are a RPG player or game master, and want to know more about the setting, take a read through Adventuring in Zihæt.
Every day, we sit in class and learn about how this world works. We thought we knew it all: warfare, politics, natural philosophy, medicine, and magic. Then the the dead rose, dragons returned, and we learned the truth about The Great War.
— Kyros Megalos
Codex Zihæt
Generic article | Jan 12, 2021

A guide to the people, places and things found within Zihæt.

We, the fýlakes of the Order of Akadimía have made the The Codex Ziheat our lives works. Its pages are a treasure trove of information about the world of Zihaet, its peoples and its history.   If the physical world and the heavens of Zihæt intrigue you, we suggest you look at The Natural World section. This section also explroes the flora, fauna and resources of Ziheat, as well as its many natural phenomon, and unique magics.   If you want to understand the many nations, city-states and tribes of Ziheat, along with their religious and non religious organizations, take a look at the Society section. Also in this section are sketches of the various cultures and ethnicities, the various spoken languages and their scripts, and finally the history of Zihæt's peoples.   Or, if you are more interested in the unique items, literature and legends, we have captured some of these in the Histories, Myths and Legendary Artifacts section.
Zihæt Anthology
Generic article | Jan 9, 2021

The stories and histories of the people of Zihæt.

The Anthology of Zihæt is the collected stories and recently recorded oral histories of those who inhabit the world of Zihaet. While we Fýlakes do not hold these to be as factually accurate as the entries within the Atlas, you can learn a great deal about a world and its cultures from its collective stories. We have broken the anthology down by sequences of events. We begin with the few stories remaining from The Great War, and continue to the current era. Not all of these tales have been fully documented, and our records are more accurate as you reach more recent times.   For ease of reference, we have also included a brief biography in the Anthology for each of the principle participants in these tales, with an index to where they are referenced in both the Codex of Zihæt and in the collected stories.
Adventuring in Zihæt
Generic article | Jan 8, 2021

A player and game master's guide to roleplaying Dungeons & Dragons 5e in Zihæt.

We aren't really sure what this section is about, but the Oracle insisted we include it. Apparently Adventuring in Zihæt is for people who want to run or participate in fantasy role playing games set in Zihæt. These games are apparently a type of shared storytelling or simulation.   According to her this section contains a guide for players, a guide for game masters (whatever those are), and pre-built adventures, scenes and encounters for what she referred to as our setting.   We've asked the Oracle several times if this mean that we ourselves are nothing but characters in a simullation, but she wouldn't answer us. She only smiled oddly and changed topics.
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