Land and Seas

The known areas of Ziheat are clustered around an area known as the Middle Seas region.

Northern Continent

The Northern Continent spans the length of the north side of the Middle Sea. It is home to several Tribal Nations of Younger Races, as well as the Holy Empire of Humanité. The diverse set of ecosystems across the northern continents support a wide range of agricultural and pastoral economies. The only source of significant mineral wealth is in the Jotunheimen Range, which is highly contested. The range is inaccessible to the Empire, a source of constant strife with their Rus neighbors.
Northern Continent Region
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The Northern Continent of Zihæt, home to several civilizations.

Middle Seas Region

The Middle Seas Region is home to many of the most advanced civilizations. A large line of volcanic islands, known as the Dragonshome Islands run from the south from the Northern continent.
Middle Seas Region
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Eastern Continent

The eastern continent extends into the Middle Sea below the region of Avignion. The area is largely unexplored, but not uninhabited.
Eastern Continent Region
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Western Continent

The western continent is a landmass located over a thousand kilometers to the west of the island of Froúrio nisí. The continent has remained undocumented by the Order of Akadimía due to its distance, unfavorable winds and currents, sharp reefs and the reported existence of several water and airborne creatures hostile to invaders. The only group rumored to have successfully made the journey to the western continent are the Persópoulos Tribe, exiled from the Dragonshome Islands in 2850. Since then no one has successfully made the journey and returned.
Western Continent Region
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