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The Heavens

The world of Zihæt would have had many similarities to the younger races upon their arrival. Except for the two suns that lit the skies every day, and the three large moons rising and setting in the evening. This section outlines the key celestial features of this world, including the world itself.

The Sun and Stars

The planet of Zihæt circles two circumbinary stars. The larger white star appears yellow in the skies of Zihæt, while the smaller is responsible for much of the variation in the Aurora around Zihæt.
Twin Suns
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Zihæt circles twin suns.

The Planet

The physical world of Zihæt is diverse. Much of the exploration of this world has focused on the Middle Seas region.
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The fictional world of Zihæt, home to the Akadimía.


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