Codex Zihæt

My name is Dorothea Logopolous. I am the head of the institution known as the Drákos Akadimía, or at least I was for a time.   I am also a fýlakas, a member of the real Akadimía otherwise known as the Order of Akadimía. The Order is dedicating to preserving knowledge of the world of Zihæt from before the coming of the The Morningstar and the Younger Races.   There can be no doubt that the The Great War represented a resounding victory for the cosmos and the broad coalition that came together to prosecute the war. However, for Zihæt, where the Morningstar was imprisoned, it represents an unparalled threat to our history and perhaps the concept of facts themselves. There can be no doubt that the Morningstar will not be content to remain imprisoned here forever. Given his success manipulating the humans from his homeland, there can be no doubt he will attempt to do so again.   So what you have set before you is a written record of the collected knowledge of the Fýlakes. It was by no means complete when I began my role and I doubt it will ever be complete. I can only hope that when the time comes, that this collection of knowledge will be sufficient to the task.


The Order of Fýlakes created the Codex Zihæt to preserve as complete and accurate a record of the history of the Great War and the world of Zihæt.

Document Structure


Content within the Codex is partitioned into three distinct categories:


The companion text to the Codex is the Zihæt Anthology. This document preserves the stories and anecdotal recollections of the people of Zihæt. As it is not factually verifiable, the information in the Anthology is kept separate from the Codex.

Publication Status

The codex is maintained by the Order of Fýlakes. Members of the order have access to the text. It is not widely distributed, but has been preserved in several locations against the day when it is needed.
Manuscript, Historical
Vellum / Skin
Authoring Date
2700 - Ongoing

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