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Law and Society

Students who select this area of study as their core concentration often go on as teachers, experienced jurists or leaders of family enterprises.   This discipline covers topics such as:
  • Introductory material covering the functioning of civil societies. Topics include their family, social and economic structures and the legal structures necessary to ensure freedom, liberty and stability in civil sociieties.
  • The history of legal codes on Zihæt and their impact on society.
  • The forms of commerce and the laws necessary to support ongoing effective commerce.
  • The impacts of differing social and belief structures on the function of society, and the role of law in their formation and preservation.
  • The value of culture in society.

Course Catalog

LAW 101: Introduction to Law and Society

This required introductory course surveys the topics covered in the discipline and provides the core skills necessary to complete advanced courses.   This course has both a lecture and practical component.  

LAW 102: The History of Law

This course looks at the history and structure of the Drakon League legal code. It compares with the formation of other legal codes known across Zihæt, and explores the practical consequences of these differing legal codes on the stability of those societies.   This course has both a lecture component and individual project component.  

LAW 103: Commerce and Law

This course evaluates the structure of commercial activity at a group, city-state and regional level. It looks at the requirements for ongoing commerce, and the legal codes necessary.   This course has both a lecture and a group project component.  

LAW 104: Society and Law

This course looks at the the definition of a civil society. It examines the role and impact of family identity, economic class, gender, political beliefs and other factors that impact a functioning society. The course explroes how the low can enable a properly functioning society and be used as levers for changes in societies.   This course has both a lecture and group project component.  

LAW 201: Crime and Justice

This course is an advanced look into the causes, prevention and punishment of crimes in civil society. It looks at varying models of awareness, investigation, enforcement, deterrants. It explores the various penalties imposed for commission of crimes.   This course has a lecture and practical component, with more emphasis on the experiential / practical components.  

LAW 202: Advanced Commerce

This course is an advanced look into the concepts, techniques and norms that underpin commerce in a civil society. This course investigates concepts such as regional trade, transportation and logistics, pricing and the obligations of commerce to society.   This course has a lecture and individual project component.  

LAW 203: Culture

This course is an in depth exploration of the impact of natural, spiritual, seasonal, family and personal ceremonies and celebrations. It looks at the organization, production and value of theatrical, musical and other forms of cultural celebration. This course also examines the impact of these events on a society as a whole, and an exploration of how society functions in its absence.   The students will be responsible for the organization and production of a key cultural event during the course of the term, to be delivered in the break between terms.   This course has a lecture and group project component.  

LAW 204: Independent Project

This course can be used as an independent or individual exploration of a topic within the core area. Discussion with your advisor is required before selecting this course. This course can be taken more than once for credit, assuming the project area is different.  

Qualifications and Course Availability

Competence in writing, language and basic arithmetic are required for this area of study.
Position Available   Notable Students
Hermione Aeraspoúlou
Kyros Megalos


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