Primal magic

Primal magic is difficult to describe, even for its practitioners. Most commonly used by practioners of the magic areas native to other worlds across the cosmos before the The Great War. This type of magic directly manipulates the magical energies present throughout Zihæt, without any medium.   The magic of the ancient beasts not native to Zihæt. Direct manipulation of magical energy.


This is by far the most diverse of the various magics. Almost any magical effect can be produced using this magic.
Access & Availability
Technically this type of magic is available to any practitioner with enough knowledge and practice. However, those who did practice this type of magic agreed that the techniques would not be passed on to future generations. There are no known instances where this knowledge has been passed on, nor anyone that has developed the is knowledge independently.
While this type of magic was largely unknown on Zihæt before the Great War, it was widely practiced across the wider cosmos. Those on ZIhæt that practice this magic are often natives of another world or another plane that are now trapped on this world. Thus they have not discovered this type of magic, but rather adapted their knowledge to the unique (and powerful) magical field on this world.


Author's Notes

This is the category of magic thought of as wizardry in fantasy RPGs such as D&D 5e. As "wizard" is not an available class in the campaign, we have represented this class of magic as lost or restricted.

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