Dawnbringer, Oddson Ancestral Blade

The ancestral blade of the Oddson clan, passed down from father to son. The blade is legendary on par with the emperor's blade and predates the founding of the Empire. While the details of the history are unclear, it is believed that this weapon was a gift from the dragons, and used to vanquish an "ancient enemy". It would be recognized by anyone with ties to the empire or draconic bloodline.   The blade has two fullers which appear to be etched with bronze, reducing to one fuller partway down the blade. The edges of these blades is slightly tapered until reaching a final slope to a point. The blade has a hand-and-a-half grip, with room for two hands if necessary. The pommel appears to be made of an unusually hardened bronze.  
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Mechanics & Inner Workings

Weapon (longsword), requires attunement by a member of the Oddson bloodline  

Enhanced Weapon (Level 1)

  Attacks from this weapon in the hands of a member of the Oddson bloodline are treated as magical and have a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls.  

Charged Smite (Level 1)

When you deal damage with the divine smite feature, smite damage becomes lightning and you deal an additional d8 smite damage.  

Ancestral Weapon Trait

On occasion, the spirits from the weapon will communicate with the bearer in their sleep or meditation, gifting them with a cryptic omen of future events.  

Ancestral Weapon Personality

Respectful. When you act in a way that disrespects or is intolerant, a small sense of shame washes over you.  


Ancestral weapons require attunement to the bearer before their abilities are usable. An ancestral weapon that is not attuned will act as a mundane weapon of the weapon's type. A character who begins a campaign with an ancestral weapon, is attuned to it immediately. In all other circumstances, the bearer of an ancestral weapon may only attune to the weapon if one of the following criteria is met:
  • The creature must have received the weapon as a gift from a creature attuned to the item
  • In the case the creature attuned to this item has deceased, the creature must share a direct bloodline.
  In addition, the new bearer must keep the weapon on their person for at least one month before they attempt to attune to the item in the normal manner.   Each time a creature attunes to an ancestral weapon, the DM must decide whether the weapon keeps at its current unlocked power level, starts at a reduced power level, or with 0 spirit points. In each case the new bearer can earn spirit points as normal. A character should not be gifted an ancestral weapon with spirit points greater than the current character level.   The item behaves as a mundane weapon for anyone unattuned.   Proficiency with a long sword allows you to add your proficiency bonus to the attack roll for any attack you make with it.


The blade is a family heirloom.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Current Location
Current Holder
Rare (Unique)
Base Price
2500gp (Value)

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