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Magic and the Supernatural

Unlike the origin of many of the Younger Races, magic permeates the world of Zihæt. Whether it is because of the sacrifice of the Gods necessary to create the great seal, or the physical properties of the world itself is unknown. Regardless, the powerful field that fuels the magic of Zihæt is dense and ubiquitous.
Magic in Zihæt
Generic article | Jan 9, 2021

An overview of Magic in Zihæt in all its forms.

Found within the Dragonshome Islands bloodline magic is a source of pride for the great families of the Drákon League. WIth bloodline magic comes the ability to manipulate magical power directly, using your body as a conduit. Over the centuries, the tribes have learned to use a variety of catalysts and controls to produce awe-inspiring effects. These include words, music, moon-gems, and a variety of other substances. The catalyst and means of control often dictates the types of magical effects that can be produced.
Bloodline magic
Magic | Jan 9, 2021

The practice of magic arts related to ancestral bloodlines of powerful creatures.

Often also referred to as northern magic or natural magic. Like Bloodline magic, natural magic requires an ancestry with a connection to Zihæt. In the The Northern Peoples, this often comes in the form of a lineage with Giant, Goliath, Goblinoid and Lizardfolk blood. On the Dragonshome Islands, this type of magic is most often practiced by Nymph Scions. Unlike bloodline magic, natural magic uses the natural world as the conduit for effects. Elements in the natural world may include plants, animals, soil, wind or even fire and lightning.
Natural Magic
Magic | Jan 9, 2021

The practitioners of magic arts tied to the ancestral bloodlines of nature.

Primal magic is difficult to describe, even for its practitioners. Most commonly used by practioners of the magic areas native to other worlds across the cosmos before the The Great War. This type of magic directly manipulates the magical energies present throughout Zihæt, without any medium.
Primal magic
Magic | Jan 9, 2021

The practice of direct manipulation of the magical field of Zihæt.

This magic was prevelant amongst the native races prior to the coming of the Younger Races. Unfortunately, when the Gods of Zihæt sacrificed themselves to complete the seal, this type of magic ceased to function.
Magic of the Gods
Magic | Jan 9, 2021

The magic tied to the blessings of the gods, no longer found on Zihæt.

The Miracles of Dieu are granted to the most accomplished and devout of the faithful. The power of these miracles are granted directly from Dieu and can be revoked if you gain his displeasure.
Miracles of Dieu
Magic | Jan 9, 2021

The practice of magic-like miracles by the followers of Dieu.


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