Akadimía Setting and Content


The Akadimía setting is a fantasy world developed by Jeff Vance. It serves as a place for shared storytelling, fantasy role-playing games (RPGs), and a safe place for exploration themes appropriate to today's complex world.  

Shared Storytelling

The settings, characters, and events of the world are a product of shared storytelling. While I am the primary author for Akadimía, it is heavily influenced (and often edited) by the other participants in this world.   These include:   Get a flavor for the world by reading their stories. Start with the Zihæt Anthology, or dive right into the current season, Akadimía Season 2, Froúrio Reborn.  

Role-Playing Content

Akadimía also serves as the campaign setting for RPGs.   These campaigns use the Dungeons & Dragons 5e SRD rules and purchased content from Wizards of the Coast and independent publishers. If you are not familiar with the game, please feel free to check out Wizards of the Coast's What is D&D pages, pick up a physical copy of the Player's Handbook , or sign up at D&D Beyond .   If you're a player trying to start a campaign in Zihæt, check out the Players Guide.   If you're a game master, looking to understand what's different, start with Game Master's Guide.   If you are already running a game in the setting, and want pre-built adventures, scenes, and encounters, go to Adventures.  

Exploring Themes

The Akadimía setting explores several themes in an engaging, exciting, fantastic, yet somewhat familiar environment. By exploring these themes in a fictional setting, the players are encouraged to think deeply about the themes and experiment safely.  

Content Roadmap

The content of Akadimía is continuously evolving and developing. The sidebar elaborates on the roadmap for the upcoming world and RPG content.
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Current Content Plans

WorldEmber 2020 Content and Pledge
Akadimía Season 2 Content
Campaign Setting Content

Future Content Plans

Akadimía Season 3 Content

Copyright and Licensing

Content within the setting is a combination of public domain or creative commons content, an extension of copyrighted content, and appropriate use of copyrighted content. For more information, please see Copyright and Licensing.


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