Magic of the Gods

This magic was prevelant amongst the native races prior to the coming of the Younger Races. Unfortunately, when the Gods of Zihæt sacrificed themselves to complete the seal, this type of magic ceased to function.   It is suspected that until the Gods reform or someone elevates themselves to that status, this magic will remain lost.
Access & Availability
This magic is no longer practiced on Zihæt.
This form of magic is perhaps the oldest form of magic on Zihæt. Its discovery is not documented, but the discovery of its loss on completion of the seal has been noted in religious sources across all of the native races.


Author's Notes

This is the category of magic thought of as clerical in fantasy RPGs such as D&D 5e. While the choice to avoid clerical magic in the world was more tied to the thematic and theological decisions, some inspiration likely came from the Krynn setting and novels by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.

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