Season 1 Stories

Akadimía Campaign Season 1

Refugees and outcasts from many nations enroll in a prestigeous academy. The group must first overcome their different upbringings, beliefs, and biases. Working together, they must save a family under siege. Finally, the group exposes a threat to the island. They confront the instigator and uncover the secret of the younger races and ancient beasts. The group returns as citizens to rebuild the academy and find their place in a rapidly changing league of democratic city-states.
Akadimía Season 1, Not All Is As It Seems
Plot | Jan 3, 2021

A group of misfit students must overcome their prejudices to save a family, and possibly their new home.

Latest Season 1 Story

The group reaches Eleusis and is surprised by what they find.
Episode 21: Endgame
Report | Jan 3, 2021


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