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Getting Started

Your characters will each be starting in the academic setting known as the Drákos Akadimía. You will each be in the same graduating class, though you will come from very diverse backgrounds and be studying in a range of areas of focus.  

Value of your Background

Your characters will be starting with a background. This background provides a framework for your backstory, and provides a number of benefits:
  • It links you to a particular region of origin.
  • It helps you select your ancestry (your lineage, or race in D&D 5e terms).
  • It helps provide you with a feel for how your character fits in the highly class-based society you begin in.
  • It provides the usual benefits of starting equipment, appropriate to your background.
  • It provides the DM with the ability to link your character to particular families (factions).
  • It provides the DM with several in character events that he or she can elaborate on later in the campaign
  • If your DM is starting your characters at a higher level, it provides you and the DM with a subset of classes appropriate to your background to start in.

Choosing your Background

Take your time in selecting your background. These backgrounds begin to provide you with a reduced subset of options to choose from, but options which are both setting appropriate, and work well with the rest of the party.
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Background Choices

The four backgrounds provided in the campaign setting are:   Ward / Political Hostage. A "Ward' or political hostage from a northern nation with traits similar to the Carolingian (Frankish) Empire.   Former Slave. A child of a disgraced family (heresy), sold into slavery to a rival city state on tropical/Mediterranean islands with traits similar to Ancient Greece City States.   Surviving Noble in Hiding. A tribal chief son or daughter who escaped destruction of their village in a Seafaring nation with Norse/Viking like characteristics.   Exiled Imperial. A youngest son or daughter of a distant imperial family seen as a threat to their older siblings holdings whose only hope of survival is to seek a position in the service of a higher power.

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