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Drákos Akadimía

The Drákon League established the Drákos Akadimía in 4660 to develop the leadership, engineering and magical talents from within the constituent city states of Asteriápolis, Fengáripólis, and Ilioúpolis  


The Akadimía was located in the city-state of Froúrio until the fall of the city in 4706. To date the school has not been restarted and the island of Froúrio nisí is disputed territory.  


The current curriculum covers six distinct areas of study.
  1. Leadership and Martial Studies
  2. Law and Society
  3. Natural Philosophy
  4. Physiology and Medicine
  5. Mathematics, Architecture and Engineering
  6. Theory of Magics


The Scholárchi̱s acts as both the administrative and academic head of the school.   A small committee selected by the Scholárchis is in charge of the overall cirriculum. The committee size and membership can be adjusted at will by the Scholárchis.   Admissions and administation are overseen by a separate committee also selected by the Scholárchis. As with the curriculum committee, the size and membership can be adjusted at will by the Scholárchis.


The school is prestigeous within the Drákon League, but also viewed as unaccountable and expensive. Many of the current prominent citizens within the league were not eligible to attend due to a lack of magical ability, or were not selected due to performance. This has led to significant resentment across the other cities and a reduction in overall contributions by the other league member states.

Public Agenda

Sponsored by all of the city states, the mission of the of the Akadimía is to develop the magical talents of those with ancient bloodlines (Scions) in the service of the Drákon League.


The school is funded primarily by contributions from the member states and from Froúrio. Funds have recently been reduced from other member states leaving the burden on Froúrio. Students are not charged a stipend, but the number of slots available to a member state is determined by the level of contributions (effectively tuition).   The Drákonian Akadimía can also raise funds through services provided by students, or the sales of materials / items created by the school. This has been the primary source of funds for the past decade.


The Akadimía was set up in response to the growing influence of humans across the northern continent, and the recent emergence of human magic in the Holy Empire of Humanité.   The peak of the Akadimía's prestige occured in roughly 4695, and has been declining since.   In 4706, the island of Froúrio nisí was invaded, and the Akadimía's city of Froúrio largely destroyed. During the attacks nearly all of the instructors at the school and the administrators were killed, with several being raised as undead creatures known as wights. (See the eyewitness report for an account.)


The school has been inoperable since the fall of Froúrio in 4706. To date, the city and the physical Akadimía have not been rebuilt.

Servant Leaders

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The Dragon Academy, or Η Ακαδημία του Δράκου in Drakonic.
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