Background: Surviving Noble in Hiding

Your character is the child of a King, Earl or Chieftain of the Northern Peoples. Your people were close to nature, valued the life of the warrior and the hunter, respected the sea, and live in a world where the touch of the Gods is everywhere.   As a teenager, your tribe was raided by a rival tribe, or attacked by Knights of Humanité. Most, if not all of your clan was destroyed in the raid.   A parent or tribal elder entrusted you with a family heirloom, a weapon or shield of great worksmanship with markings indicating you as noble blood. With the heirloom held close, you fled with the help of loyal clan members, or perhaps a neighboring tribe unvolved in the conflict.   Eventually you reached a port on the Middle Sea where you were entrusted to a family from the Dragonshome Islands. Your new family has formally adopted you, and treats you with all the rights and privileges of the child of a Citizen Status of one of the large city-states in the Drákon League. They treat you as if you are a full member of the family, and no mention of your former life will ever be brought up by them.   Life in the empire is quite different than your previous life. They do not worship as you were taught, and some of the more aggressive children insist the Gods do not exist and may mock you for your beliefs. Their idea of diversity is overwheliming, as are the heat of the summers. The foods are strange, the carved stone buildings are overwhelming, and there are many strange looking creatures. Only the shared love of the sea is common.   Eventually, you displayed your ability to use Natural Magic. Your family strongly recommends you take full advantage of your talents, and sponsors your attendance at the Drákos Akadimía.
Starting Build
Your family provides for your tuition and basic needs while at the Akadimía. You start with 25 gold drachma, and are provided a 33 silver drachma per month stipend.   Your character starts with one ancestral weapon (+1 to hit and damage, non-magical) or shield (+1 AC, non-magical).   You are assumed to have a moderate lifestyle.   Home City and Sponsor Family
Your game master will select the city that served as your home during your servitude, as well as the family which adopted you.   Ancestry
Your background as member of the Northern Peoples, and your demonstration of natural magic imply several things about your Character Ancestry.   By choosing this background you restrict your choice of ancestry to one of the following:   With DM approval you may select a Goblinoid ancestry, or similar nature-focused native race to Zihæt's Northern Continent.   You may select your own tribe.   Naming
You can choose to go by your original name, or an assumed name within your new family. If you choose to go by your original name, select a name from the Northern Peoples or a similarly appropriate name. If you choose to go by an assumed name, select a name from the Drákos norms or a similarly appropriate name. In either case, your surname will be that of your new family assigned by your DM.   Initial Focus
If you are starting the game at level 1, you are free to choose your Character Focus.   If your game master is starting the campaign at a higher level levels, your background will determine the initial focus (Character Class) available to your character. You are free to choose another Character Focus upon starting the Akadamía.   A people close to nature, your folk worship the Viking pantheon and share many of the same legends. You may have been been training as a tribal shaman, or perhaps were a great hunter or sailor. These roles were usually passed down along family lines. Gender doesn't matter: women were equally likely to be fierce warriors and clan leaders as men.   You have the choice between the following starting classes. These will be your first class in the event of multiclassing.
  • Druid
  • Ranger
  • Barbarian
  With the approval of your DM you may be able to substitute in another class, if the primary subclass is nature focused and could demonstrate the use of natural magic.


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