I have come to this world so similar to our own, and yet so different.   I look at forests so similar, with strange new creatures side by side with the familiar.   I listen to this world, with a silence more profound and peaceful than any I've known.   I feel this world, with seas and storms that remind you of godlike powers.   I toil by day as two suns light the way.   I rest by night, as three strange moons bathe the night in their pale glow.   I love this strange new world, one finally free of the tyranny and wars caused by vain, petty gods.  
-- Kassandra (2701)

The Skies

Early in the morning, Twin Suns rise in the east. The largest and first to rise is a pale yellow, while its younger sibling shines a faint red.   During the day, the skies of Zihæt are a vivid blue. Clouds of white, shades of red and darkened grey stream across the skies. Rain falls normally across the continents, but when storms in Zihæt form they are intense and last for weeks.   As the yellow sun sets below the horizon, the skies fade to a pale white before giving way to a vivid scarlet and crimson dusk. The three moons begin to become visible as the red sun sets below the horizon. On the rarest of occasions a pale green flash can be seen immediately after suns-set.   The largest and most prominent of the moons is Ven, shining green in the night sky. Ag̀ , though smaller shines a brighter pink, while Loog̀iik can only be seen on the darkest of nights, or when it eclipses one of the other moons.   Perhaps the most striking feature of Zihæt's heavens is the Aurora prominent through the winter nights. Shades of green, purple and yellow form ribbons across the sky, and are often described as the river between the moons and are considered by some as a sign of good fortune.  

The Land

The population of Zihæt is concentrated in a region surrounding the Middle Sea. The Middle Sea, is a large oceanic body of water that dominates the region. Arranged it are the Northern Continent, the Eastern Continent and the mysterious Western Continent. The Dragonshome Islands rise from the Middle Sea Basin.  

Northern Continent

The most populous of the main continents, the northern continent stretches from the Myrkviðr Forest in the west, across the Jotunheimen Range to the lands of Avignon and Burgandy.   The broad northern continent is home to several nations, including the Norjord, the Rus and the expansive Holy Empire of Humanité.  

Eastern Continent

The eastern continent is only partly explored. The western most portions of the continent that end at the middle sea are covered by an area known as the Marais Wetlands.   No organized nations exist on the eastern continent, but it is known to be the home to several tribal societies including the Tabaxi.  

Western Continent

Next to nothing is known of the western continent that lies off the western coasts of the Dragonshome Islands. Protected by strange currents, the Maelstrom and mythical sea beasts, it remains unexplored.  

Dragonshome Islands

The long island chain stretches south from the persistant Maelstrom off the coast of the northern continent deep into the southern reaches of the middle sea. Home to the Drákon League, a collection of aligned but independent city-states.  

Middle Sea Basin

The sea floor itself is home to a number of sentient species, as well as the Venúék empire.  

The Seas

The seas of Zihæt are deep and rough. Seafaring craft often stay close to land and ply known currents. Rare is the craft foolish enough to brave the uncommon, but monsterous storms that form on the middle sea.  

The Middle Sea

The Middle Sea occupies a space set between the northern, eastern and western continents. It extends far to the south where it becomes the Southern Seas.  

The Southern Seas

No one who has set out to explore the southern seas has returned to share what they found.

The Planet Zihæt

Several elements of the Planetary System Inspiration drive the behavior and characteristics of how people experience the world of Zihæt. Check out the inspiration article to understand more.


Author's Notes

This information was sourced from a variety of information. See http://www.xenology.info/Xeno/5.4.2.htm as one example.

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