Akadimía Season 3, Wisdom of the North - Planning

Season 3 of Akadimía.

The unwilling students rush to save a friend, while trying to prevent the subversion of the north.  

Paragraph Summary

  In the early summer of 4706, the city of Froúrio and the Drákos Akadimía were completely destroyed by the Holy Empire of Humanité and their Northern Peoples converts.   The unwilling students and their allies have managed to stop an incursion from the Church of Dieu and discovered the hidden truth behind the world of Zihæt as it is today. With new allies in hand, the new citizens fend off an invasion, and begin the process of building a new Nation-State founded on principles of equality and dignity of all creatures, declaring their independence from the Drákon League.   With Froúrio firmly on its new path, Cille must turn their attention to the fate of one of a close friend. She will lead the group back to her birthplace in search of a cure, and with the hopes to stop the "brainwashing" conversion of her people to the polluted faith. Their success or failure may determine whether the world goes war and in the process destroys itself.

Plot points/Scenes

Sequence: Ianthe's Fate

Inciting Incident
  • The poisoning of Ianthe
Progressive Complication
  • Ianthe and Ianessa's shared fate
  • Ianthe deteriorates
  • A lead?
  • Group departs for the north
Plot type
Serialized Roleplay


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