Creating your Akadimía Character

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This article describes the process of creating your character. Typically performed in a Session 0, here are the key things to understand before you begin.


Character Background

Your character will start as a late teen / young adult (appropriate to your race) with one of the following 4 backgrounds:
  1. Background: Ward / Political Hostage
    A "Ward' or political hostage from a northern nation with traits similar to the Carolingian (Frankish) Empire.
  2. Background: Former Slave
    A child of a disgraced family (heresy), sold into slavery to a rival city state on tropical/Mediterranean islands with traits similar to Ancient Greece City States
  3. Background: Exiled Imperial
    A youngest son or daughter of a large landed family seen as a threat to their older siblings holdings whose only hope of survival is to seek a position in the service of a higher power.
  4. Background: Surviving Noble in Hiding
    A tribal chief son or daughter who escaped destruction of their village in a Seafaring nation with Norse/Viking like characteristics.
  If your GM is starting off as a tier 2 character, you will effectively be starting as a 5th level multi-class character.   This background will constrain the first 3 levels in a particular class associated with that background.   Your background will also choose your nation of origin, as well as potentially impose racial restrictions.  

Character Ancestry

Your ancestry will determine your character's bloodline (D&D race). This is particularly significant in Akadimía as it will enable or restrict potential backgrounds and focus. By selecting your background first, you will have a smaller set of choices for ancestries.  

Academic Focus

You will be able to choose between primary "schools" to start your adventure. Your character will be a level 2 character in the class associated with that school.
  1. Leadership and Martial Studies
  2. Law and Society
  3. Natural Philosophy
  4. Physiology and Medicine
  5. Mathematics, Architecture and Engineering
  6. Theory of Magics

Getting Started

The next step is to formally ceate your character and get set up on the tools necessary to get started with Akadimía Gaming Sessions.   You can use the D&D Beyond Character Creation tools in the campaign link provided on the discord channel. Use the standard character builder. Please turn off the Homebrew content and Magic: The Gathering content. Hit point type should be fixed. Please be mindful of the class and race restrictions associated with your background and profession. When doing your abilities, your abilities should be done from the standard array. You will be getting the ability score improvements associated both with your race and the level 4 adjustment. You can select the starting equipment associated with your background, as well as your profession above.
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