Episode 01: Make Up Work

General Summary

The group is summoned to the administrators office, where they are told that Kallisto Megalos, Kyros's twin sister will be joining the party. Kallisto is clearly not happy with this, and anticipated her team being able to join as well.   The party grabs their kit and follows Kallisto to the docks, where they borrow a small ship the school uses for sea lessons. The group heads out and sails north along the shoreline of the northern island, getting to know each other a bit more. At one point, Otlyn performs a water breathing ritual on each of the characters in turn. While trying to reach Vulcan, Otyln falls from the rigging and is caught by Kallisto before she could hurt herself.   The party moors the ship just off the coast of the northern island and wades ashore. After moving inland for a few hours, the party decides to camp. Kallisto heads off to hunt, while Cille scounts and ensures the camp is secure. A bit of amusement occurs as Magnus sets up the fire pit, only to be subtly chastised as Cille fixes the embankment and Kallisto lights the fire. The party eats the fish & rabbit, and sets watch.   The next morning after a light breakfast, the party heads up the hills to the cave system. The caves are obviously in use and have been well maintained. After entering, the party scares a group of bats. Most of the party tries to protect themselves, and Cille tries to communicate with the bats. Unfortunately Otlyn engages one of the bats and Kallisto is forced to finish it after it attacks Otlyn in return.   The party continues further down the path and encounters a group of Grung slavers. Vulcan does severe damage to the group with a flash-bang, while Cille mops up the smaller green Grung with vicious mockery. Kallisto manages to get her sword caught in the rocks when she first tries to attack the leader, who in turn incapacitates a number of the party members and poisons Magnus.   The Grung spellcaster causes tangles and brambles to sprout from the ground, and is in turn entangled by Cille. Jessica finishes the spell caster off with a firebolt.   Magnus manages several hits upon the leader, before Kallisto recovers and with a burst of psychic rage splatters the leader all over the wall.   The group stops to catch their breath before investigating.

Rewards Granted

The orange grung (the leader of the Slavers) has a bag of holding (the payment) including:
  • 200 gold drachma
  • 9 50gp moon gems
  • 1 moon gem of seeing
  • A potion of fire giant strength
  • A ring of swimming
  • A cloak of the manta ray.

Missions/Quests Completed

The group now know that Grung slavers are operating out of the caves.
Cille Thalasopoúlou
Magnus Oddsson
Vulcan Kendall
Otlyn Venúék
Report Date
22 Mar 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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