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Episode 19: Down The River

General Summary

Raft Building

  The group wakes early in the morning and begins to re-assess how to get down river. Most of the rafts were destroyed during the waves and damage associated with Otlyn's spellcasting.   Based on input from the Lizardfolk, Yas and Irtokax, the group heads back to investigate to a large copse of zurkhwoods.   A forest of zurkhwood erupts from the guano- and moss-covered floor, the tallest and oldest standing over 40 feet tall. Between the towering fungi lie a few toppled zurkhwoods, as well as several stumps. Bats nest in the ceiling.   After discussion, the several of the party begin pulling the fallen zurkhwoods for Cille to begin working them into makeshift canoes.   Otlyn notices a long, buglike creature at the rear of the cavern. Sounds of chewing can be heard in echoing off the chamber.   As Cille finishes two of the rafts and begins the third, Saarl, Yas, Irtokax and Ianthe take the rafts down towards the river. At the same time, the creatures in the back begins to move towards the front of the cavern.   Otlyn reacts by casting, and the back area of the cavern explodes into flame. As the flames begin to spread, several of the Zurkhwoods begin to move in an angry manner towards the group.   The group continues to battle, taking down the carrion crawlers, and then the zurkhwoods. It takes a bit to regroup from the damage.   After the battle, Cille settles down to complete the final canoe.   Magnus searches the rest of the cavern and finds three hobgoblin bodies bearing @univers holy symbols. Vulcan finds a blanket in an igloo like mound with six stoppered gourds.   Ianthe, wondering what's taking so long heads back into the cavern. Surveying the carnage, she turns to Otlyn. "Otlyn..."   Otlyn winces, and spends the next 10 minutes being lectured by Ianthe on restraint.   Once Cille is done, the group carries the final raft through the tunnel and joins the other.  


The river is slow and winding. The group lets the river take the lead and focuses on resting and recovering.  



Elders Cille's dream begins with her at age 5 attending the council of elders for the first time. Her grandmother approaches her and tells her of her duties as a priestess. Feelings of happy, excited, ambitious and a bit of fear.   Raid As the dream shifts, Cille age 13 is on her first raid. Attacking the rus, the battle was bloody. She looks approvingly on the conquest, spoils and the slaves. As she looks upon them, she sees Otlyn, Vulcan and Patroclus.   Battle As the confusion sets in, the dream shifts again to a scene of savage joy. She's fighting the captain on the Røyskatt.   Rebellion Finally, the joy shifts to frustration. She's under the watch of Danaë Thálassopoulos, being forced to scrub barnacles off a ship. Mixed feelings of loss both of her family and her future. But the beginnings of understanding of why she's being tasked as such.  


Childhood Magnus's dream begins with his aunt, who told all the stories. On holidays of the old gods, she would take Magnus into the depths of the keep. She would tell inspiring stories of volor and heroism. Tales of power and the old gods.   Sword The scene shifts and a wide eyed Magnus looks at his sword for the first time. A tapestry on the wall depicts a scene of his ancestor riding the bronze dragon into battle. As he watches, the dragon breathes lightning down upon the battle.   Dragon After the flash of lightning fades, magnus is looking into a pool of water. A dragon stares back at him. He awakens.  


Dream of little kid Otlyn remembers mom & dad, a big palace underwater, a teacher who didn't look like the family who taught her to read, write and cute little games. She remembers stories about the old gods. The tritons worshiped a single greater god.   A feeling of sadness, longing and loss. And curiosity about the tutor.   Fighting the dragon The dream shifts to the Røyskatt, fighting the dragon. A sense of fear. The other boat goes down. A feeling of loss.   Freeing Ianthe The dream shifts to freeing Ianthe from the cave. A sense of frustration as Phlios escapes.   As the grung slavers were killed, disgust and satisfaction.   Seeing Ianessa Finally the dream shifts to Ianessa. Feelings of frustration and curiosity as to why she's like that.   Floot The dream shifts to floot who judges her for roasting the Zurkhwood. She's mobbed by myconids and then wakes up. As she wakes up, she finds Mie, a small myconid.  


Kitten A tiny vulcan looks on with sadness as he is taken away as a slave, his parents dead forms.   Voyage A wet, sick vulcan on the long trip across the ocean.   Purpose Vulcan being given a purpose. Stealth, social skills, combat.   Spy Being asked about the school, what he was going on. He responds with snide remarks "Yummy food". Accurate and uninformative.   The dream shifts to reporting to Hermione, who was displeased. Fear of the scary woman.   Ianessa Curiousity at Ianessa's sleeping form.  


The group awakens having completely lost track of time. When checking with each other, it turns out everyone napped. Saarl uncurls and yawns, unsurprised.   Otlyn asks what happened, and how they fell asleep. She turns to her baby myconid friend and her expression softens while Saarl sits quietly.   Magnus turns to Irtokax, "Did you dream?"   Irtokax responds "Of course, it's dreamtime."   Cille settles down and watches the water pass by. Ianthe and Otlyn spend time talking through the care and feeding of Otlyn's myconid friends.  

Arrival at Eleusis

The river widens and opens up. A shimmering wall of water pours down on the river.   Each of the guides indicates, "We're nearly there."   As the boats move through the water, the group experiences a sense of displacement. Vulcan experiences a sense of displeasure at being wet.   The cavern opens into a 200 foot wide area. Several boats are already beached. Each of the guides steers the boats over and pulls them ashore.   The air is warmer, dryer and the smell of flowers is on the air. The sound of trees in the breeze can be heard over the sounds of a waterfall.   Saarl speaks up. "Welcome to Eleusis."   The group has many questions, but the guides share very little about Eleusis, other than it's a refuge. Saarl pauses and conducts a small ritual, one that would seem to indicate this is a holy place.   They lead the outsiders to the ledge and overlook the refuge of Eleusis.   A huge cavern opens into a space that extends beyond the limits of eyesight. A single sun rises high in the sky. Fields of grain, forests, and mountains in the background are seen. The group would swear that they are no longer underground. Small groups of humanoids can be seen across the vista. Winged lizards fly through the sky and lite on trees.   Magnus feels a tug of familiarity, but can't quite place it. Shaking it off the group sets out with a sense of urgency after the invaders.

Rewards Granted

Six potions of superior healing in stoppered gourds. 3x 50 gold drachma holy symbols of Dieu.

Character(s) interacted with

Cille Thalasopoúlou
Magnus Oddsson
Vulcan Kendall
Otlyn Venúék
Report Date
11 Oct 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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