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The senior ranks of the Order of Akadimía are known as Fýlakes. An individual Fýlakas is an independent historian, scholar, and agent of the Order responsible for furthering its mission: preserving objective truth and history and opposition to the Morningstar's designs.   Fýlakas are an invisible part of the society of Zihæt, quietly carrying out their mission with little fanfare or intervention. Outside of the Order, the existence of these agents is unknown. Only the Oracle knows the identity of all of the Fýlakes. The Oracle passes this information on as part of the succession.



Candidates need not show any proficiency with Magic.
Senior Fýlakas
The senior Fýlakes, however, require some capacity with Bloodline magic. They use this ritual magic for scrying, communication, and protective magics.
Those aspiring to the office of Oracle need the ability to use divination magic.

Career Progression

Fýlakas Candidate
An individual can become a Fýlakas candidate by demonstrating contributions to the mission and the qualifications necessary to hold the role. The Council votes on admission and assigns a senior Fýlakas to mentor the candidate.
A candidate will be a territory or individual of their own after showing competence and trustworthiness. The mentor will not share the process for evaluation, nor criteria, with the candidate. Once the Fýlakas candidate has demonstrated readiness for advancement against the requirements, the senior Fýlakas recommends the Council and the Oracle admit the candidate as a full member.
Senior Fýlakas
As a Fýlakas rises in seniority, the Council shares more information on the current state of the mission, as well as the Order's magical rituals.
The Council
Rank/Title | Dec 26, 2020

The leader of the Order of Akadimía is known as the Oracle.

The Council is composed of four Fýlakes and the Oracle. When a member of the Council retires or passes away, the remaining Council members select a replacement. Only after the Council inducts the new member do they reveal the Order's entire purpose and history.
If the Oracle is unable to continue in office, the Council selects the new Oracle from its ranks. The Council determines the Oracle by means of an ancient artifact and then inducts her replacement.


Social Status

A Fýlakas may be of any social class or status in any society.


The ranks of Fýlakes quietly draw from across the cultures of Zihæt. Throughout history, a variety of ethnic groups have produced senior Fýlalkes.


Kassandra selected the first Fýlakes from the ranks of her fellow priestesses.



Bloodline magic
Magic | Jan 9, 2021

The practice of magic arts related to ancestral bloodlines of powerful creatures.

Senior Fýlakes require access to bloodline magic to complete their duties.   A Fýlakas will use bloodline magic primarily for communication and observation. Common usages include understanding and speaking unknown languages, seeing through deception, or even remote monitoring an event or person of interest.   While not widely condoned, some Fýlakas use bloodline magic to support their disguise or cover story.

Dangers & Hazards

Fýlakes risk discovery while performing their role. The Order expects a Fýlakas to place duty over safety. Unfortunately, this means an exposed Fýlakas should expect the Order to reject the identified Fýlakas.
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