Order of Fýlakes

During the Great War, HE whispered untruths that our people wanted to hear. HE warped our people with his lies. I called out his deceit and foretold the doom that lay ahead. But would our people listen? No, they scorned my "false prophecy." HIS words were so much more comforting.   Thankfully more remarkable creatures were unmoved by HIS constant falsehood. They saw HIM for what HE was and fought HIM bitterly. In the end, we claimed not victory but a reprieve.   The Gods gave up their existence and sealed HIM, along with many of us who fought. Bereft of his wealth and HIS minions, HE must start again. It is inevitable HE continues to seduce the weak-minded with HIS lies. We must be ready.   Here, we strive to create an equal world,
a world less susceptible to his division.   We will build our collective strength,
so people see through HIS posturing.   We will author a shared truth;
no more will we fall prey to rumor and insinuation.   It is for this reason that we create the Order of Akadimía. Next time, I hope they listen.
— Kassandra
  Kassandra founded the Order of Fýlakes at the end of The Great War. The Order is an organization dedicated to preserving objective truths, accurate history, and opposition to The Morningstar's designs.   Members of the Order of Fýlakes often raise Ravens or use magical Raven figurines as messengers and companions. They have adopted the symbol of a raven in flight as their emblem.


Individual members of the Order have no known name. The senior ranks of the Order are known as Fýlakes. From the Fýlakes, the leader of the Order is chosen and becomes known as the Oracle.   The organization is relatively flat and distributed. Individual members report to a Fýlakas who acts as a cell leader. The cell leader maintains connections with the current Oracle in Froúrio. Cell leaders memorize detailed instructions in case of disruption of the network.


The Order combines a secret society, an information network, and a scholarly circle with a veneer of asceticism.

Public Agenda

The Order of Fýlakes exists to preserve the knowledge of the world of Zihæt before the great seal and chronicle current events.   While maintaining an official position of non-intervention in world politics, they have quietly intervened where information is being manipulated or destroyed.


The primary product of the Order is the Codex Zihæt. The Codex is an atlas of Zihæt created by the Order's fýlakes over a millennium. It covers the physical world of Zihæt, the societies that inhabit it, and other artifacts and legends assembled along the way.   The secondary product of the Order is the Zihæt Anthology. The Anthology represents the stories and oral history of those who inhabit the world of Zihæt. The Fýlakes do not hold these to the same standard of factual accuracy. To the Fýlakes, these collected stories represent the context for the information in the Codex.   The Anthology is broken down by sequences of events, beginning with The Great War and continuing to the current era. The Fýlakes have not thoroughly documented all of these tales. Capturing these anecdotes remains the life's work of the Fýlakes. In addition to the collected stories, the Fýlakes also provide a brief biography of each principal participant.


The Order was founded shortly after The Great War. It has existed independently of the nations of Zihæt for its entire existence.   Over the past few centuries, the Holy Empire of Humanité expelled the Order from its territory. The Order now concentrates its activities out of the Drákon League city of Froúrio.   The Order has used the establishment of the Drákonian Akadimía to re-establish its extended information network and provide a base of operations, until the attacks of 4706.

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The Order
Fýlakas or Φύλακας in Drakonic. "Guardian."
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