Spirituality and Faiths

L'église universelle is the primary religious organisation of Holy Empire of Humanité. It is colloquially known as the church of Dieu.
L'église Universelle
Landing Page | Jan 10, 2021
The The Northern Peoples maintain their faith in the ancient gods and goddesses of the past. The identities of these ancient myths have been transferred onto many of the powerful, ancient creatures that fought besides the Northern Peoples in the The Great War.
Northern Tribes Religious Overview
Myth | Jan 10, 2021
Unlike the god of the Holy Empire of Humanité, Dieu the Drákos don't believe that their gods have always existed. The gods did not create the universe, the universe created the gods.
Drákos Mythology Overview
Myth | Jan 10, 2021
Following their arrival on Zihæt, the tribe began to adopt a religion focused on a supreme being, the Wise Lord. Despite evidence of the destruction or absence of traditional gods, the religion with its focus on a primal diety and other divinities was viewed skeptically by the native humanoid races of Zihæt, as well as many of the other Drákonian Tribes.
Persópoulos Faith
Organization | Jan 10, 2021

The ancient religion of the Persopoulos tribe.

The water lord or water lords, are the primary focus of religious worship in the undersea kingdoms of Venúék.
Temple of Jubrul
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