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Episode 04: The Chase

General Summary

The ship sets sail to the north. Vulcan heads below decks to craft, while the rest of the characters remain on deck.  

The Chase

  As the journey progresses, Cille catches sight of another ship on the enemy horizons. A brief discussion ensues and the after agreeing to chase, the crew settles in for a prolonged chase.   Magnus begins to survey the ship, looking at the ballista and the state of the crew and their weapons. He prepares the 30 of the rescued crewmen who were fighting capable.   As the preparations progress, Kallisto and Magnus find time to connect. After a few moments, she asks how he managed to become a ward of the state. Magnus responds with a wry smile, "I took the wrong oaths." As the conversation progresses, he shares that "It was politically expedient that I was the one who was the hostage, the ward, the... whatever you call it. I am a disgrace to my family. In my families eyes, but not in Dieu's eyes. He has accepted my oaths. Oaths of devotion, oaths of honor. Just not oaths to the crown." Kallisto responds simply, "Family." The conversation meanders and they land on the thought that the bond of being a ward lasts only 1 more year, and that he's free to choose whichever allegiences he desires. The conversation ends with Kallisto suggesting that he consider joining Asteriápolis. "It'd be a shame to lose a man of your caliber." Magnus thanks Kallisto, "You are not what I expected you to be." Kallisto closes with "All I had to go on was what Kyros told me, and trust me. You are definately not what I was led to expect."   About 6 hours into the travels, Otlyn awakens with Ianthe now asleep in her lap. As she awakens, a the crew spots a large group of sharks following the ships. Otlyn notices their odd behaviour and comments sleepily to watch out for the Shark people. "They're nasty. Bite you. Send their dogs to bite you." And then she is distracted by tasty snacks.  

Closing on the Røyskatt

  After a couple of hours more, the crew of the Xifia manages to out-flank the Røyskatt, and uses the current to stay between the Dragon's Maw and the coast of Vóreio nisí.   As they ships close, Cille recognizes the Røyskatt as the ship of Rollo the bold, the brother killed at the camp after escaping the cave. Excitedly she describes the build of the Norjord ships and with a bit of a push, the officers agrees that boarding is the best option.   @Vulcan emerges and after a brief discussion of the first mate is eagerly lead to the mount for greek fire weapons! After discussions with the party and some modifications to his toolkit helps to arm the Xifia with greek fire.  

The Battle

  Queue dramatic music!   Vulcan takes aim with his crossbow at the one of the officers across the span. The bolt connects with the officer's head, pinwheeling off the ship into the water. Otlyn senses rage and excitement as the sharks finish the job.   As Cille's staff bursts into the flames, the Røyskatt takes a desparate maneuver turning north, trying to skim the outside of the Maelstrom. Cille sends an enchantment of sleep at the closing ship and several of the oars start to drag. The slowing ship pulls parallel to the Xifia, and the Magnus, Ianthe and several of the crew hook the opposing ship. The Xifia is pulled towards the heavier ship and both slow right on the edge of the Maelstrom.   Magnus, Kallisto, Cille and several sailors jump across onto the larger Norjord ship. Vulcan, Otlyn and Ianthe stay aboard the Xifia, launching attacks from afar.   Cille engages two of the officers, while Magnus and Kallisto focus on clearing the back of the ship. All of the free Norjord men rise and become combatants, while several of the men remain chained down to the rowing stations, trying to hold the ship out of the Maelstrom.   The battle was bloody, the officers and the party exchanging heavy hits as the boat lists. At one point, Magnus calls upon his oath and now wreathed in lightning instead of radiant light strikes down his opponent. As the battle heats up, Ianthe clears the front of the deck with a ball of cold fire. Vulcan vaults across and joins the fray. Otlyn and Ianthe also jump over to the Røyskatt.   Cille in her wolf form ends the life of her rival, Rollo the bold, and engages the last remaining officer. Vulcan finally ends the life of the last remaining officer and in the process exposes the presence of his newly acquired blade.  

The Maelstrom Wins

  The battle is resolved, with the combatants onboard the Røyskatt all emerging with heavy injuries. Just then, the ships start to tear apart from each other in the Maelstrom.

Rewards Granted

The Røyskatt and its contents.

Character(s) interacted with

Cimon, the first mate of the Xifia.
Cille Thalasopoúlou
Magnus Oddsson
Vulcan Kendall
Otlyn Venúék
Report Date
25 Apr 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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