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A nation of individual villages, earldoms and one or more "kingdoms" the land of Norjord is densely forested and bracketed by the icy seas to the west and the rugged mountains to the east.   A people close to nature, your folk worship the Viking pantheon and share many of the same legends. Eastern tribes or clans often had a shaman (Druid) that served the village in leadership roles. These roles were usually passed down along family lines. Women were equally likely to be fierce warriors and clan leaders as men.   On the western side of the mountains, clans are generally human or Goliath (the source of many Giant myths) and are often at war with each other. During the summer months, conflicts are often put aside to pursue raiding to the western nations, and occasionally the sea powers to the south. No one has successfully made the voyage west, and returned to tell the tale.


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