Episode 08: The Hero

General Summary

Sorting the financials

  Magnus and the others help Ianthe to sort through the various backlogged adminisrative paperwork. As Ianthe has temporary dispensation to approve contracts, Magnus helps her to sort them into those that can be approved without review, those that must be reviewed and those that are suspect.   During the final stages of the review, a curious pattern emerges. Several independent offers have been coming in at cut-rate prices for assets (primarily public and private bath houses). These offers began roughly 1 day after the attack on Ianthe's ship.  

A well deserved break

After the group wraps up for the evening, Ianthe treats them to a relaxing bath at one of her family's local bath houses.  

Welcome Visitors

(See Encounter: Meeting the Aerasópoulos)   During a normal day late in the third week, their review of the paperwork is interrupted by a visitor to see Ianthe. Eunice Aeraspoúlou, a classmate of Ianthe and her older sister Hermione Aeraspoúlou have come to check on Ianthe and see if there is anything they can do to help.   Immediately upon their arrival, Vulcan tenses, and takes the first opportunity to escape the gathering.   It becomes clear during the discussion that the version of the encounter north of Vóreio nisí shared with the Archons has spread and been embellished over time. From the questions Hermione asks of Magnus, it's clear that he is now the hero of the adventures, and has caught the eyes not only of Hermione, but of other leading ladies in the family as well.   Hermione continues to question Magnus about his homeland, his background and -- most importantly -- whether he is currently betrothed back home. Magnus relates, uncomfortably, that no he is not attached and that he is the oldest son of the Oddson family, exiled largely due to his unwillingness to take a specific oath during his induction into the Knights of Humanité.  

Unwelcome Visitor

  As the conversation continues, they are interrupted once again. This time, the visitor is here to see Magnus. Upon admission, the group collectively tenses as they realise that the ambassador from Holy Empire of Humanité is actually Inquisitor Joaquin, the son of Magnus's chief tormentor and his cousin.   An uncomfortable conversation ensues where Joaquin continues to bait Magnus, first by offering to join him in mass and to take his confession. (Confession being an obligation within the L'église universelle.) When Magnus refuses, Joaquin escalates by obliquely threating to let both Emperor Charles I and Pope Augustinius.   Finally, Magnus declares heresy and refuses the direct order of the inquisitor. Joaquin, seemingly pleased that he was finally able to seal Magnus's fate through his goading, departs to return to the empire. The threat of recall and prosecution is clearly his intent.   Upon his leaving, Hermione and Vulcan briefly speak and Vulcan departs.  


Several days later, Magnus is summoned to speak with Hippolyta Megalóu. Inquisitor Joaquin has been killed after torturing a sex-worker at a local brothel. According to reports, Joaquin entered the establishmen the night before his departure. During the course of his time with the employees, he sadistically tortured -- eventually killing -- the female worker. In the ensuing fight, he was killed by the bouncers.   Magnus examines the bodies and confirms that it was indeed Joaquin who was killed. He is sickened by the body of the sex-worker.   Hippolyta confronts Magnus about his future. She points out that he is nearing the age of majority and that she had heard he may be interested in becoming a part of Asteriápolis. During the discussion, Magnus asks about the fallout. Hippolyta responds "They'll probably declare war. And we'll have to slap **** (them) back in their place again." After consideration Magnus commits to joining as a citizen.   Hippolyta thanks him for his decision and begins preparation to return the body.   There was also an interaction that Hippolyta ended with "Poor Kallisto."
Cille Thalasopoúlou
Magnus Oddsson
Vulcan Kendall
Otlyn Venúék
Report Date
17 May 2020
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