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Season 2 Stories

Akadimía Campaign Season 2

The Holy Empire of Humanité and their converts among the Northern Peoples destroy the Akadimía. The unwilling students and their allies have managed to stop an incursion from the Church of Dieu and discovered the hidden truth behind the world of Zihæt as it is today.   While Froúrio rebuilds, Kyros Megalos, Otlyn Venúék, Ianthe Meletitís, and Vulcan Kendall need to unify the various factions of Froúrio. At the same time,Cille Thalasopoúlou, Magnus Oddsson, and Kallisto Mégalou must prevent the island's assimilation into one of the larger Drákon League city-states.
Akadimía Season 2, Froúrio Reborn
Plot | Jan 3, 2021

The unwilling students must unite, rebuild and defend Fróurio against the two major powers.

Latest Season 2 Story

The group returns to Froúrio and plans their next move. An urgent rescue mission as the children have wandered off. A surprise encounter.
Episode 25: Save the Children
Report | Jan 27, 2021


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