Magic in Zihæt

Unlike the origin of many of the Younger Races, magic permeates the world of Zihæt. Whether it is because of the sacrifice of the Gods necessary to create the great seal, or the physical properties of the world itself is unknown. Regardless, the powerful field that fuels the magic of Zihæt is dense and ubiquitous.  

Native Magic

There are three native forms of magic on Zihæt.  

Bloodline magic

Bloodline magic is the ability to use ones own body as a conduit for magical effects. Bloodline magic is found in the descendants of the powerful dragons, elementals and nymphs of this world.  

Natural magic

Natural Magic is the ability to use the natural world as a conduit for magical effects. Natural magic is often found in those with ancestries tied to the native races of Zihæt.  

Magic of the Gods

The Magic of the Gods, once prevalent on Zihæt, is no longer to be found. The sacrifice of the Gods in creating the great seal has resulted in the disappearance of this wonder from the world.  

Foreign Magic

  These forms of magic are imported to the world of Zihæt, or new with the arrival of the Younger Races.  

Primal magic

Primal magic is the ability to manipulate the magical field of Zihæt directly. This power is strictly limited to the powerful beings that accompanied the Younger Races to Zihæt. However they have learned the capabilities, they brought it with them to Zihæt and for whatever their own reasons, have not shared it with others.  

Miracles of Dieu

The Miracles of Dieu are unlike any of the other magic on Zihæt. They do not draw upon the natural field of magic, but rather use this field to steal life force from the living things around it in order to power its effects.   This magic has recently begun to show itself in populations which previously had no affinity for magic, such as Humanité. The source of the fifth form of magic is unknown, though recent events point to the influence of the The Morningstar.

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