The fall of the Persópoulos tribe

When the first members of the Persópoulos Tribe arrived on Zihæt following The Great War, they brought with them a prize beyond their understanding: the Slavers Rod.   The tribe settled on the island of Froúrio nisí and quickly prospered. Working closely with the native Lizardfolk tribes on the island they developed a strong agricultural and pastoral economy, and built a mighty city in the foothills of the Froúrio Range, looking out upon the majestic Mount Eleusis.   After a time, as the leader of the the Persópoulos, Ashur-nirari aged, he befriended a strange traveller who also knew of the trials of the great war. This traveller showered Ashur-nirari with adulation and gold, and asked again and again of the great empire that Ashur-nirari had ruled before coming to Zihæt. After a time, the stranger asked to see the pride of the Persópoulos ruler, his ivory sceptre. This rod was the spoils of the final battle, in a four way battle between Ashur-nirari's people, the Thracian mercenaries working for The Morningstar, the allied ancients and the The Morningstar's forces.   During the battle, the sceptre had been separated from one of the allies and fell into the hands of the rogue Thracians. Ashur-nirari attacked at once and retrieved the sceptre, and retained posession following the final battle and the sealing of Zihæt. Only his tribe was aware of its presence on ZIhæt. All others thought it lost or destroyed in the war.   While Ashur-nirari knew the sceptre's beauty, he didn't know its purpose. One fateful day, he let his new companion hold the sceptre. At that moment, the Dao turned the sceptre on Ashur-nirari and enslaved him.   For years the Dao worked his way into the inner courts using the enslaved leader. He also enslaved several other creatures who were tasked with bringing him gems and metals, and also crafting these items into fine works of art for his collection.   After a time, when it became clear that no one from inside Zihæt could break the seal, the vindictive Dao became more arbitrary and capricious. He forced Ashur-nirari to withdraw his tribe from the collection of tribes on the Dragonshome Islands and elevated himself to the chief advisor.   The tribe's spiritual leader, was set aside. After this happened, the spiritual leader began to suspect that Ashur-nirari was under the influence of the adversary, and began searching for the reason behind his beloved leader's new, cruel and spiteful demeanor.   After consulting with many of the natives, he became aware of the power of the rod and the geas over his lord. After months of researching, he despaired of ever freeing his lord. So instead, he turned his mind to freeing the tribe of the Dao's influence.   Working with some of the native races he devised a means to seal the Dao in the audience chamber. Together, they created the special metal barrier that would keep out magic, and keep in the elemental lord. They also devised the mechanism that would seal the doors at once, leaving the Dao inside and the tribe outside.   After springing the trap, the advisor had hoped this would break the spell over his lord. When it didn't, he sought a way to preserve his lord's honor, while also freeing the tribe from the influence of the corrupted leader. Settling on a plan, he arranged a series of escalating battles with some of the more powerful native creatures. By arranging for his leader to fall gloriously in battle, he maintained his lords honor and freed his tribe.   He resumed his position as chief advisor to the new leader. Together the two of them sealed off the front entrance of the palace, and the audience chamber once used by the Dao. They began planning for a means for their tribe to withdraw from the area and the sealed danger. Not knowing how long the trap would hold, or if the creature could cross water, they sought to travel west to lands unexplored by the Younger Races Races. It took several decades to explore, find a suitable home, and arrange for the migration off of Froúrio Nisí.   During that time, he enlisted the help of a powerful fire elemental. With the elemental's help, he arranged for the eruption of the volcano that created the Iófus Caldera. This not only covered the tribe's escape, but also entombed the palace and its surroundings in a dense covering of ash & rock. This would also prevent any outsiders from attempting to free the Dao looking for spoils after the tribe left. Having erased all traces of the tribe from the island, he and the prince worked with the Oracle, rumors were spread that the island was cursed.   Thus, the Persópoulos Tribe departed the island in secret, and is now nothing more than a myth to all but the Oracle of the Order of Akadimía.


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